Week 1 — Virtual Gymnastics Practice

Hey Everyone —

We can officially Kick Off the 2020-2021 Season today! This is an entirely new way of starting our season, but we are going to make the BEST of it! I can’t wait to see you all on a regular basis and begin this journey with you. We will work to keep our bodies active, minds healthy and spirits energized! Hope to see you all today for our first get together.

I will post the schedule every Monday as a preview of the week! The schedule will stay consistent but the activities will be different. We will offer optional workout/get-togethers on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 4:30pm. Join our meetings via Google Meet using code: WarriorGymnastics

This week —

  • Monday, December 7th — 4:30pm- 5pm — Season kick-off — Team Meeting and Workout
  • Tuesday, December 8th – 4:30-5pm — Team Activity — Light Workout and Stretching
  • Thursday, December 10th – 4:30-5pm — Work out —

If you have any questions- please let me know!!

Lastly — we have started a Groupme Messaging chain to send communication out as well. If you aren’t on that yet- email or text Jen and I will add you. We will use that as our team group chat for announcements as well.

Hope to see you all this afternoon—

Jen, Michelle, Kelli and Tasha


A Great Opportunity!


You are invited to join your fellow female Warrior athletes as DAILY CHAMPIONS!

DAILY CHAMPIONS – Simple habits to strengthen your Warrior Spirit every day – is an opportunity designed to help you implement SIMPLE, self-care habits that will help fuel your Warrior Spirit amongst life’s current challenges. As your once “normal” has been stripped away, daily structures you once thrived in are paused, and you find yourself in isolation more than ever, it is easy for your spirit to feel heavy, dim, and empty. This structure introduces you to 4 daily habits that are easy to build into your everyday practices to help bring light and energy to your day. 

This 6-week interactive course will be conducted through Canvas and Google Meets, and will create a safe place of accountability to help you take action on these simple, important habits. Led by Coach Carpenter, Coach Naughton, Coach Schneider and Ms. Erchul (counselor), this course is open to ALL female Warrior Athletes, so make sure your teammates are involved!

Work to become a champion for yourself every day, so you can become champions together!

Join DAILY CHAMPIONS >> https://isd197.instructure.com/enroll/D3MHDK

This will be a fantastic opportunity to connect with other Female Warrior Athletes! I will be following along and encourage you all to join the journey!

Happy Handstands!


November 2020-

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted something here. I hope you all had a great week.

We had a pre-season meeting on Tuesday the 17th. Our meeting followed the message from Gov. Walz that put a pause on sports for now. We will not be starting our season come December 7th. We will be waiting for more guidance from the MSHSL for winter sports. As I get the information, I will pass it along. We are hoping we can have virtual gatherings and workouts together.

For now — here are a couple things for you—

Online Store — Open, but closes the 22nd — https://www.bsnteamsports.com/shop/HSGYM20

Here is a 20-minute stretch routine you can try at home! Good to start stretching out those muscles, and continuing to build flexibility!

Here is a 30 minute full body workout – no equipment needed!!

Stay tuned for more resources to come! Miss you all—–Stay Healthy-

Happy Handstands-


Long Overdue Update… Warrior Summer Training and More..

Hey Everyone —

This post is LONG overdue! I hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and finding ways to be active! It has been a wild time these past few months. When we postponed our banquet, I had no idea how things would continue to change. I miss you all dearly and have been thinking of you all often!

Here are a couple pictures of the newest addition to our Warrior Family – Weston Miller! For those who don’t know- he was born on February 29th! He is a Leap Day Baby! We LOVE him dearly!  He is 3 1/2 months old already! He’s smiley, happy and enjoys playing and spending time outside looking around! He can’t wait to meet you all someday!















Summer Workouts–

I know gyms have been closed and are slowly reopening. In the meantime — Henry Sibley’s Athletic department is offering summer workouts to all athletes to continue building strength, flexibility and agility! I hope you will take advantage of these!

All of the workouts and information is posted through Canvas — Warrior Summer Athletic Development

They have videos and and instructions for how to make these workouts happen at your own homes! I hope you’ll find a way to keep up your strength and stay active over the summer!

If you send me photos of you doing the workouts – I’ll post them here to keep everyone motivated!

Here’s a little video from our very own Haley and Kira to get you motivated to get started! If anyone else wants to send me something- I’ll post it here for everyone to see 🙂

Happy Handstands!! Coach Jen!





Banquet- POSTPONED —

Hey Families-

It breaks my heart to share with you that our Banquet has to be cancelled for tonight. Due to Coronavirus – The Minnesota Department of Health is recommending social distancing and limiting social gatherings. With that-  the school district has decided to cancel all events with large group gatherings including our banquet. I’m so sorry- I know we were all looking forward to it.
We hope to reschedule- but in the meantime- here is some of the information and celebrations I would’ve shared with you tonight!

Message from Coach Jen:

This year- as every year does, has so many highlights!  First off — I want to start by thanking everyone who is a part of this team. Thank you to the gymnasts who worked tirelessly every week throughout the season. Thank you for trusting us as your coaches and supporting each other. We really came together as a family this year and it was so special to be a part of. Thank you to the parents and family members who continually support your daughters. I appreciate you getting them to practice, to meets, providing meals and overall helping our team be our best! Finally thank you to the other coaches. You guys were so incredible this season! You all bring so much energy, passion and dedication to this team- I couldn’t do this without any of you! 

I always like to highlight the amount of growth these girls have made over the course of the season. Our season is only 4 months long and it always amazes me what the girls accomplish in the short time. This year our JV started out the season with 90.7 as a team score and not a full line up. We ended the season with a 109.75 — and a full line up of routines. They had a 20 point gain over the course of the season!  Varsity started out the season with a team score of 115.5 – we finished the year with a team high score of 123.5! Both teams finished 3rd in the conference! We had many girls set their personal bests with scores, learn new skills and compete them.

Every girl on this team demonstrated growth in more ways than one! I feel that I can speak for all the coaches when I say we are so incredibly grateful for this team. Each year we learn and grow together and it brings so much joy to each of us! The girls demonstrated resilience and perseverance each and every week.  You worked towards your goals, and many of you accomplished many of those goals. You all came together as a team and authentically supported, encouraged and celebrated one another’s accomplishments. The coaches and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you for a wonderful season!




All Conference and All Conference Honorable Mention

The Metro East Conference coaches keep track of all the scores for the season for each team. At the end of our season, we gather and look at which athletes have the top scores on each event and all around for All Conference, and All-Conference honorable mention. You can get both awards, but you only get each award once. The goal is to recognize as many athletes within our conference as possible.

      • All Conference- Honorable Mention Award— 
        • Madeline Kephart — All Around
        • Anna Beniek — Vault
        • Maddie Sura– Bars
        • Ava Warford — Beam
      • All Conference
        • Anna Beniek — Floor
        • Marin Awada — Beam

Academic Awards-  

This is an area that we excelled at this year! We have so many girls to recognize for their academics and hard work in the classroom and the gym! As I talked about highlights earlier, this is a major highlight, and this is something that is just as important to celebrate as anything else if not more. These girls put in long hours each day and it takes hard work and determination to excel in both these areas!

Spotlight on Scholarship awards- This is an award given to 9th-12th graders for their GPA’s of 3.0 or higher- 

        • Ava
        • Maddie Sura
        • Marin
        • Haley
        • Kira
        • Hadley
        • Anna

Section Academic Awards

The Section Academic Awards are for a group of athletes whose GPA contributed to our Team Section GPA. Each year we have to submit 60% of our roster for the Section 3AA academic awards. 

Our team GPA for 2020 was: 3.75 – These girls GPA’s were included in average. 

    • Anna 
    • Ruby
    • Ava
    • Alexis
    • Haley
    • Maddie Sura
    • Madeline Kephart
    • Kira
    • Reese
    • Taylor

Varsity Letter Awards- 

Varsity Letters are given to girls who have competed on the Varsity roster in at least 5 competitions throughout our season. 

        • Anna
        • Marin
        • Madeline Kephart
        • Maddie Sura
        • Hadley Witham
        • Haley Redding
        • Ava Warford
        • Kira DuPaul

ATHLETE AWARDS  — These awards were voted on by the gymnasts–

Rookie of the Year: Madeline Kephart

Most Improved Player:  Marin Awada

Most Valuable PlayerAnna Beniek


Congratulations to everyone! Again- I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone and this team. I love coaching you girls and am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team!!