Exciting Updates with the new year

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the last week of summer and looking forward to starting a new school year! With a new year comes new exciting updates for Gymnastics! If you didn’t know- Our gym space got updated over this summer! It wasn’t expected to be done so soon in the three year plan- but our project got moved up! Things that were done to the space include:

  • Expanded our side and built a new permanent wall
  • New Bleachers
  • New Paint on all the walls
  • New Lights
  • Additional storage room for other sports or gym equipment



NEW floor boards… NEW foam… NEW CARPET!


The space has gotten a big facelift and looks so fresh! I can’t wait for our season to start and for you all to see it! There are still some things they are finishing, but by November it will be READY to GO!

I took a couple pictures today. They don’t do it justice- but can at least give you a glimpse of the changes!

             New Bleachers on the new Red Wall


     Fresh paint… new lights… new doors added on far side.


If you’re up at Sibley before the season starts- take a peek in the new space! It will look beautiful with our equipment set up come November!

As we get closer to season- stay tuned for updates here on the website for pre-season meeting, set up dates and any other announcements to come.  We are also looking for gymnasts!! So if you know of anyone interested in joining our team- Have them reach out to me!

Have a great start to the year!

Happy Handstands-

Coach Miller 🙂

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