Week 5

Wow- It has been almost an entire month of practices already! Time flies when your having fun!! I’m beyond excited and proud with how hard the girls have been working!

Last week we wrapped up our Coffee Fundraiser and we raised roughly $1800! WAY TO GO LADIES!!! That is amazing :)) Coffee will be delivered to the gym on December 20th,  and the girls will be able to take home their order to pass out before the holiday break.

Last Friday we took some time to have a little fun! We had a dance competition- where the girls worked in teams to pick a song and come up with the best dance together in 25 minutes. They had a blast!

Starting this week we have a meet every week- except for over Christmas! Buckle up- here we go! This week we are heading to Mahtomedi! Reminder our meets now start at 6:00pm! Bus will leave Sibley at 3:45pm Thursday 12/14 to get us over to Mahtomedi in time for warm ups. We are thinking we will get Jimmy Johns for the girls since we will be rushing out the door pretty quick after school. I will take orders today at practice.

Here is our schedule for the week:

Monday December 11th – Everyone – bring tennis shoes for weight room

Tuesday December 12th – Comp. Roster Only

Wednesday December 13th – Comp. Roster Only- Need girls competing to feel totally ready

Thursday – December 14th – MEET AT MAHTOMEDI- Everyone!

Friday- December 15th -Everyone!

Looking forward to a fun week!! Questions let me know-

Happy Handstands 🙂

Coach Hogan


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