Team Challenge and Baby Showers!

This past Friday was a very fun practice! We had Team Challenge Friday! The girls got paired up and they had to rotate through events with their partner. They had to find out as much as possible about their partner. During the rotations the coaches would surprise them with a fitness challenge, and a question they had to answer. Teams got points based on how quickly they completed the challenge. An example would be, they had to do 10 partner pushups, and find out their partners favorite family vacation. It was so fun watching the girls build stronger relationships with each other, work hard, and have fun all at the same time!!


IMG_5090 Friday night- we had a team baby shower for Coach Sheena. We had pizza, played games, and opened gifts. It was a very fun time with parents and gymnasts! Congratulations to Sheena on expecting her first baby girl!! We can’t wait to meet the future Gymnast! IMG_5093IMG_5094

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