Week 2

Hey Everyone-

We had such a great first week! Everyone worked very hard, and I am so proud to be your coach! This week we will be working on forming routines, and starting to build our JV and Varsity line ups as our first meet is 11 practices away! We need to be intentional and focused as we lead up to the start of our competitions!

Here is the week’s schedule-
Monday: Practice 3:30-5:30
Tuesday: Practice 3:30-5:30
– Flips for Kids Starts-
Wednesday: Practice 3:30-5:30
– Flips for Kids
Thursday: Practice 3:30-5:30
Friday: Practice 3:30-5:30
– Sheena’s Baby Shower at Emily’s House at 7pm

Also- at our last booster meeting we discussed doing the following fundraisers:
1. Flips for Kids
2. Chipotle Night
3. Concessions
4. Selling Origami Necklaces

The team will be having two events coming up-
1. Baking item to sell at our Home meets. We will do this on Sunday November 30th 1-3pm at the Salvation Army Kitchen.

2. Team will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army on December 12th from 4-8pm in place of practice.

Lets have a great week!
Coach Hogan