Set Up Success

Hey Everyone!!

I am sooo incredibly impressed with the amount of work we got done tonight! Huge thank you and shout out to the wrestling team who came to help us!!

Since we got so much done tonight- we are not going to continue tomorrow. We have to put springs on 3 boards, get the bars screwed into the floor and then we are pretty much set! So to get that done by Monday- we are going to meet at Sibley on Saturday at 8am. If you can’t make it- thats ok- I don’t think we will need a huge crowd. We have the boards, springs and T-nuts- all we need are some dads with tools who can help us with the machinery aspect of everything.

If you and your dad are available- please email me and plan on coming. We might be able to get this knocked out in a short amount of time.

Tools we made need:
Staple Gun
Electric Drill
3/8 socket set

Please bring any of these if you have them- email or call me if you have any questions!
Coach Hogan