No Practice Thursday!

Hey Everyone

We have had an AWESOME start to our season!!

We will NOT be having practice tomorrow- Thursday- after school-

Unfortunately our equipment is not quite where we need it to be. The past few days with all the bouncing and moving on the half put together floor- it has shifted slightly and we have noticed a few gaps. Those gaps are unsafe for us to be tumbling, jumping and running on. I would hate for any sprained ankles during the first week! All the parts to get everything up and running are arriving tomorrow and the coaches will get everything set to go!

We will have NORMAL practice on Friday from 3:30-5:30. There also will be practice for EVERYONE on Saturday from 9-11am. Most of you girls were already planning on coming so I know this isn’t a huge adjustment. We are very proud and happy with the way everyone has started their season the past 3 days! I am soooooo excited for things to come!

If you have questions or concerns about this week – please let us know!

Happy Handstands!