Summer Plans

Heyyyyy Everyone!!!

I hope you are alll enjoying this Spring weather! I know that I am outside just about any chance I get! I have started working back at the golf course and anticipating the end of the school year just as I’m sure all of you are!

With summer also comes time that you have off, when you can time in the GYM staying in shape and working on all your fabulous skills!! It is so important to keep your body active during the off season. Continuous training will keep your muscles limber, prevent injuries, and improve your overall abilities. There are multiple places you can go for classes, lessons and camps.

Peterson is down in Cottage Grove at Park High school offering summer classes for High Schoolers. All abilities welcome and you can go as much or as minimal as you want.  In order for our success to continue we encourage everyone to put the work in during the off season!

Park High School Info: Starts June 8th and goes through August 9th!!  Peterson would be PUMPED to see your smiling facees!!!
Summer GYM

Hamline University also has programs and summer camps that are a great option! Summer camps are a fun way to get in the gym, but it is only 1 week. Something that is continual would be more beneficial! They offer punch cards so you can go when is convenient to your schedule, or they have set schedules you can attend. This is a good option as well!!

The website is: http://spiritgym.com/classes/high-school-power-training/
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If you have any questions about anything- let me know! Happy Flippping!!