the importance of practice…. especially when we only have 5 weeks

Hey Everyone-  I can’t believe I am even saying this- but we only have 5 weeks left of our season. We have done a lot over the last 3 months, and we are now in our final stretch of the season. This part of the season is the most crucial part. We have had injuries and many people out sick the last couple weeks. We need everyone to be healthy and on top of their game for the next 5 weeks. That means all the girls need to make sure that they are being responsible and getting some good sleep at night, fueling their bodies with healthy meals throughout the day and making sure that they stretch and warm up properly when they come to practice. We need EVERYONE at practice EVERYDAY till our conference and section meets!

YOU ONLY HAVE 11 PRACTICES Left until our conference meets! We need to have everyone in the gym and working their very hardest when they are there. I know that gymnastics is a long season- and sometimes in January it can hit us with holidays being over and cold weather, and we are struggling. But we have to push through it- and we have to remember that we need to push our selves to be our very best by the end of the season. No regrets when we finish our season!

Please make sure you hold your team mates accountable for coming to practice. Myself and Peterson have showed up every day this year. We dedicate ourselves to this team and we can only ask that you do the same.

In my sparetime-(or lack there of) I like to read blogs. One of the blogs that I follow just happen to be talking about the importance of practice today. She was mostly referring to her yoga practice, but I took some things that are very applicable to everyone no matter what they are practicing- So I thought I would share:

“When you practice, you use your skills and you build on them. You start to break boundaries, the ones you swore you’d “never be able to do”; you push past your old edge and start playing around new ones. Simply put, you get better with practice. It empowers and enables. It reminds you that building a skill is difficult but not impossible. Practice makes things possible. Practice opens doors but only – and not a minute sooner than – when you are ready for it.  Consistent and regular practice has more of an exponential than a linear effect. If you practice your dance weekly, you advance very slowly over time but if you practice it daily, the jump is not linear. It is exponential – in other words, it’s a big jump, a huge jump, the kind of jump that makes the difference between good and great, mediocre and magnificent. And practice rewards handsomely in all instances. It does not care about the state of economy, your business or even your relationships. When you practice something – anything – you improve, you grow, you advance, you gain a skill and heaps of confidence to boot.

“Without practice and use, you lose what you built. The less you practice, the faster it fades and it is a terrible thing to witness so stop the insanity early on!”

This is just a little something I thought I’d share in the midst of our last 5 weeks and also the time when we need the most motivation! Lets finish this season strong!


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