Its alllmooooost CHRISTMAS!!

I can’t believe that it is only 8 days till christmas!! Time is flying by!

Last Thursday we had a meet against Tartan High School- It went GREAT! The girls did a wonderful job. They all worked so hard and everyone improved on their scores! So proud of everyone!

We do not have another meet until January 10th. We will have plenty of time, to add things and change things to our routines to make them even better!

Here is our schedule for the next week or so-

Practice this week Dec. 17th- December 21st will be:

Monday 3:30-6

Tuesday 3:30-6

Wednesday 3:30-6

Thursday 3:30-5:30 ****

Friday 3:30- 5:30***


Thursday December 27th- 9-12pm

Friday December 28th- 9-12pm

Saturday December 29th- 9-11am *** This will also be our holiday party as well!


——Then normal practice will resume on Wednesday January 2nd when everyone returns to school!

THis is the last week of FliPS for Kids classes of Session 1- Please sign up for session 2 classes if you have not already!

We wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

gym snow

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