Let the Flipping and Tumbling begin!!

The season is officially here!! I am so excited!  Here is our status with our equipment. We have almost everything set up and ready to go which is way better than in years past. We are strides ahead of schedule. Our floor is almost completley done, the vault is good to go along with beam and one set up bars. We are aiming to have 2 sets of bars this year but we have to see how our space ends up. Today at practice we will have a team meeting about the season, hopefully finish the floor and then jump right in!

We have only 15 practices till our first meet! We have A LOT of work ahead of us!

This is our November Practice Schedule-
Mon. – November 12th- 3:30-6:00pm
Tues. – November 13th- 3:30-6:00pm
Wed. – November 14th- 3:30-6pm
Thurs. – November 15th- 3:30-6pm
Fri.  РNovember 16th- 3:30-6pm
Monday November 19th- 3:30-6pm
Tuesday November 20th- 3:30-6pm

Wednesday November 21st- 12pm- 2:30pm**
Thursday November 22nd- HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!
Friday November 23rd- 3:00-5:00pm- Focus on those who need routines, or those who missed practice.****
Saturday November 24th- 9-11am- This is a required JV/Varsity practice to prepare for our first meet at Simley!****

Monday November 26th- 3:30-6pm
Tuesday November 27th- 3:30-6pm
Wednesday November 28th- 3:30- 6pm
Thursday November 29th- 3:30-6pm
Friday Novmeber 30th- 3:30-5:30-
Saturday December 1st- Simley Invitational!